Saturday, August 24, 2019

The Communist Subversion of India Explained: Takeover of the Congress Party

This is the second and concluding episode of a two-part series tracing the history of Communism in India since 1925. India presents a rather unique case for Communism. In its history of nearly a century, the Communists have failed to make serious inroads in capturing political power in the Centre. However, through a long-term and carefully calculated strategy, the Communists infiltrated all major public institutions such as the bureaucracy, education, media, cultural centres and of late, even the judiciary.

This episode narrates how the Communists with just 60 Lok Sabha Seats in the 2004 parliament silently but methodically infiltrated all democratic institutions and were directly response for the destruction of the Hindu kingdom of Nepal. And how during the tenure of UPA -2, the Congress party was successfully taken over by Breaking India forces.

This series is the second of The Dharma Explainers, a new feature at The Dharma Dispatch YouTube Channel. The purpose of this feature is to present complex topics related to Indian history, culture, and contemporary issues in a simple and easy-to-understand fashion.

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The Communist Subversion of India Explained in Two Parts. Part 2: Takeover of the Congress Party


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