Sunday, May 19, 2019

Tipu Sultan: A Case of Distorted History

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This is first part of a podcast series documenting the true history of Tipu Sultan, the Tyrant of Mysore by author Sandeep Balakrishna. Tipu Sultan, the fanatical Islamic despot of Mysore is another representative of the distortions of Indian History set in motion by a group of Marxist ideologues who labelled themselves as Eminent Historians.

This introductory talk provides information about the native Indian conception of history as Itihasa and traces the various damages that were inflicted upon the study and dissemination of Indian history since India attained Independence in 1947.

This series was hosted by Centre for South Indian Studies, Delhi in October 2018.

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Sandeep Balakrishna
Writer, author, and translator. Author of the bestselling "Tipu Sultan: The Tyrant of Mysore," "The Madurai Sultanate: A Concise History," and "Seventy Years of Secularism." English translator of Dr. S L Bhyrappa's blockbuster Kannada novel, "Aavarana".